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Revisit the "How Search Works" Website

The How Search Works website gives us an inside look at how Google continuously works on improving the results of their search engine. "Search. It happens billions of times a day in the blink of an eye. Explore the art and science that makes it possible." I have looked at the How Search Works site before.  But a recent video (below) from Google's Matt Cutts, prompted me to revisit, as he revealed some interesting nuggets. Matt Cutts  is the head of Google’s Webspam team. So it seems appropriate that he would be most excited about the Fighting Spam page. Here are a couple of interesting points he touches on. 1. Quality Raters:  People, not robots, determine which changes are implemented (1:48) When talking about search algorithms, he also mentions "quality raters".  These are folks who look at results pages side-by-side, and rate them based on the usefulness of the results for a given search. 2. The s

Google Sites Not Indexing? Try This SEO Fix

I recently received this question from a client needing SEO help: "I have a website for my company XYZ...the site is a Google Site. For some reason, my site is not indexed at all. Can you help?" Diagnosing the Problem Using Google Webmaster Tools, it became quickly apparent that Google was aware of the website (site was verified and an XML sitemap was uploaded).  But for some reason the search engine was not indexing it. The first thing I looked at was the robots.txt file to make sure no-follow wasn't blocking the Google bot.  Seemed OK.  Next I took a look at the page's source's what I found: Page Source (Before):   HTTP/1.1 200 OK Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8 X-Robots-Tag: noindex, nofollow, nosnippet Last-Modified: Wed, 06 Nov 2013 19:27:23 GMT ... This is a problem!  Digging deeper...when I looked at the Google Sites Sharing and Permissions settings, it was set to " Anyone who has link can view ". This was

Summary of Webmaster Tools Search Appearance Overview pop-up

A look at the new "Search Appearance Overview" pop-up window that appears in the updated Webmaster Tools UI. I didn't catch this until recently, but Google has added a nifty little tool to help explain search results elements, and how we can influence the data they contain. Next time you login to Webmaster Tools , look for the Search Appearance interactive pop-up tool. It's accessed via the information (i) icon located in the left-hand menu: Webmaster Tools Search Appearance Overview When you hover over and click specific elements, a bubble will reveal helper text along with clickable links over to Google's Webmaster Tools help screens. Source: Google Webmaster Tools Title Element Write informative, relevant descriptions in the HTML title tag for each webpage. In Webmaster Tools use the HTML Improvements feature to help optimize the title tags on your site. Snippet  Element Provide an accurate, succinct summary of the page’s content in its m

SEO Project Walk Through

National search marketing campaign initiated for New York State based business, Hunting and Shooting Related Consultants, LLC . Let's Take a Walk The Analysis Website architecture audit Keyword research Local listing inventory The Good Client has an existing html website and a WordPress blog Site is aesthetically pleasing and well coded Client reputation is well known internationally The Bad The underlying search engine optimization is lacking National web search yields low ranking for related keyword phrases A couple of blog posts exist, but nothing substantive The Fixes Added Google Analytics code Modified page titles and descriptions Generated XML sitemap Submitted to Webmaster Tools Created a new G+ page Directory submission The Next Steps Establish an authorship schedule for relevant blog posts relating to hunting and shooting safety, accidents and incident investigation Attract quality incoming links from national publications and