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Google Plus Please Learn from My Mutes

Muting a Post on Google Plus is easy.  Don't like a post, no the mute button. But, What If Your Mute History "Taught" Google Plus About What You Don't Like... What I would love to see is the ability for Google Plus to learn from my previous mutes . Similar to how Pandora Radio works. The reader (in the case of G+) provides positive or negative feedback for posts in the stream, which are taken into account for future selections. Something like a " mute similar posts " button would be great. Mute Google Plus Posts Consistently... I almost always mute posts involving certain subjects. Especially when exploring the "What's hot and recommended" stream. Improved Google Plus Content... Content creators could also get a better feel for how unpopular certain subjects are, and based on number of mutes, adjust the subject matter or frequency of posts. Better Google Plus User Experience... I am still tr