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Fix your search rank with super glue not duct tape

Why Duct Tape Isn't a Long-Term Fix for Poor Search Rank Most of my clients, know just enough about SEO to be dangerous. Not meant to be a put down, as I probably know less about their field than they do mine.  They've heard the term SEO, they're not ranking, and they need to do  something .  That something, is to talk with an SEO...this is where I come in. I sit down with a client and they give me the lowdown. Then they throw some questions at me and hope I can give them a sensible answer.  I try my best.  It goes something like this: It's Broke Our Website is "better" than the competition, how come it doesn't rank?  Well turns out the competitor (whether by accident, hard work, or both) has established themselves as an industry authority.  Or they've been happens.   Can't you throw a couple of keywords into the meta tags?  Sure, that's a good start, but you need some substance behind it.  Something for the search

Rank Me Button for SEO

Just press the Rank Me button Inspired by the April Fool's post over at  Bing's Webmaster Blog Ah, if only it were that easy.  Everyone wants to be number one in search ranking.  The problem is, they don't want to put in the time, money or effort. So what can one do?  Well, you can go the route of pay-per-click, and many do.  But in my opinion, PPC should always run in parallel to a solid organic SEO campaign. Patience is a virtue, so I recommend a slow and steady approach to search engine optimization.  Follow the Webmaster Guidelines, and cultivate quality content over time. Patrick LaJuett operates a website design and marketing agency where he supports his clients as a Web technology consultant and search marketing strategy advisor.