Fix your search rank with super glue not duct tape

Why Duct Tape Isn't a Long-Term Fix for Poor Search Rank

SEO Tape

Most of my clients, know just enough about SEO to be dangerous. Not meant to be a put down, as I probably know less about their field than they do mine.  They've heard the term SEO, they're not ranking, and they need to do something.  That something, is to talk with an SEO...this is where I come in.

I sit down with a client and they give me the lowdown. Then they throw some questions at me and hope I can give them a sensible answer.  I try my best.  It goes something like this:

It's Broke

  • Our Website is "better" than the competition, how come it doesn't rank? Well turns out the competitor (whether by accident, hard work, or both) has established themselves as an industry authority.  Or they've been happens.
  • Can't you throw a couple of keywords into the meta tags? Sure, that's a good start, but you need some substance behind it.  Something for the search engines to "digest".
  • Will I rank #1? Ah yes, my favorite question. Sure it's possible, IF you work really hard at putting together a compelling website. One that differentiates itself, by offering visitors something useful or buzz worthy.  *See the glue approach below.

I suggest to them two methods for improving their website's search rank. A choice between duct tape or super glue.  The analogy seems to work.  I mean, what can't be fixed with duct tape and super glue?

The Fixes

  • The Duct Tape Approach: It's often temporary and won't hold together forever
    Submit your website to paid directories, create a high budget pay-per-click campaign, engage in "questionable" link bait practice and ...cross your fingers.
  • The Glue Approach: It's sticky and can create a lasting bond
    Craft a website with a mix of keyword rich content, integrate social media feeds and social sharing, establish author credibility, deliver a pleasant user experience, write clean code and ...repeat.
SEO Glue

I've seen both approaches work, however, I wouldn't put my faith in the tape holding up.  As for the glue, well that comes in a variety of flavors.  I would go with a super glue or epoxy resin rather than a generic white glue.  Caution, wear some gloves when your handling that stuff!  You might want to bring in a professional :-)

Patrick LaJuett
Patrick LaJuett operates a website design and marketing agency where he supports his clients as a Web technology consultant and search marketing strategy advisor.


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