A Modern Makeover for Freelance Video Editor Website

Freelance video editor website design

Julia LaJuett, a freelance video editor, recently asked me to help transform her website to better showcase her editing skills and expertise. Powered by Google Sites, the revamped site is visually appealing. It embraces modern features to provide an immersive experience for potential clients.

The Visual Overhaul:

The first thing you'll notice upon visiting Julia's new website is its eye-catching design. We focused on creating a mobile-friendly interface that ensures a seamless experience across various devices. A clean and modern aesthetic is achieved by using a dark page background, which helps make the content "pop."

Movie Poster Artwork with IMDb Links:

One of the standout features of the redesign is the incorporation of movie poster artwork. These visuals add a touch of cinematic flair and serve a functional purpose. Each movie poster is linked to its respective IMDb page, offering potential clients a glimpse into the diverse projects Julia has contributed to. This feature not only showcases her portfolio visually appealingly but also adds a layer of credibility.

Embedded Videos:

In video editing, showing is often more impactful than telling. We embedded videos directly from YouTube and Vimeo to bring Julia's work to life. This feature makes the website more engaging and reinforces Julia's skills through tangible examples of her work.

Site-Wide Search:

Whether exploring Julia's diverse portfolio or finding details about her services, the search feature streamlines the user experience, making the website more accessible and efficient.

Multiple Resume Formats:

To cater to the varied preferences of potential clients and industry professionals, Julia's resume is available in both HTML and downloadable PDF formats. This makes it convenient for visitors to view her credentials.

By combining visual appeal with modern features, we've created a site that showcases Julia's talents and provides visitors with an immersive and informative experience. Julia's enhanced online presence sets the stage for new opportunities and collaborations in California, New York, and North Carolina as she continues to offer her freelance video editing services.


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