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Photo Gallery for Google Sites

Photo Gallery Solution for Google Sites SimpleViewer Picasa gallery in Google Sites After hours of research, I finally came up with a method for displaying Picasa photo gallery thumbnails in Google Sites.  The default Google Sites Picasa gadgets (single photo and album slideshows) were not flexible enough (in my humble opinion). My solution was to utilize the new html hosting features of Google Drive and linking, via iframe, to the exported Picasa folder.  It requires a few steps, but the final product is impressive.  It even adapts (responsive) to mobile devices! Here are the steps: Get SimpleViewer app Download and install  SimpleViewer Picasa Template In Picasa (desktop version) From Picasa 3.9 , export your photos as HTML Choose the SimpleViewer template In Google Drive Upload the entire folder created in previous step to Google Drive Set the folder permission sharing to public Copy the folder ID In Google Sites Add iframe gadget to page Set URL