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Google Web Designer Review

Quick Review of Google's New Web Designer Google Web Designer user interface Yesterday, Google announced the launch of Web Designer, a new tool for building interactive HTML5 sites and ads.  The beta version is available for download here . I have kicked the tires a bit.  Overall, I am excited with Google's foray into the world of HTML5 editors. Here are my initial thoughts: The Good: Cost:  It's free to download, at least the Beta version is. Animation Timeline : Keyframes are used to "tween" animation points on the timeline. (Size, rotation, XYZ coordinates, etc.). It reminds me of an old Flash animation app called  Swish .  Hooks:  Using the Components menu, you can link to external iframes, galleries, maps, tap areas, and videos. Preview : Ability to preview the ads directly within the UI.  You can also preview in local browsers. Publishing : Quick process with "zip" option (contains all related files for easy upload). The Bad:

Project Milestone Reached

Took us over 10 years, but we have finally hit the 1,000 project mark.  Many thanks to all who have helped us along the way — family, friends, past and present customers and the generous Web community. Now it's back to work!

Our New Help Desk Is Up & Running

In effort to provide our Web marketing and design customers with a comprehensive support system, we have rolled out a new Online help and support portal. Please SUBMIT A SUPPORT TICKET for all issues related to your Website. Including: design modifications and content updates. Please be a detailed as possible so we can assist you in a prompt manor.