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1,100 Projects Completed

Some fun, some not...but all 1.1K are done! My project numbering system is fairly straight forward.  For every new job that comes through the door, increment by one and add a customer code (i.e., 1100_WEB).  This morning we reached a milestone.  Well its not a big deal, but I liked the number.  It gave me an excuse to paint graffiti on the side of the building.  Just kidding. Milestone reached: 1,100 projects completed. It took us 11 years, and we've been consistent.  Completing roughly 100 projects per year.  All varieties, shapes and sizes.  From signage design to complete e-commerce websites, it's been a wild ride. Meetings, phone calls, emails and texts.  1,100 projects down, and here's to the next!   Thanks to all of our customers who have trusted us with their web and marketing needs.