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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

WordPress for Custom Home Builder

Building a WordPress Website in version 4.1.1

Just launched a new WordPress website for a custom home builder.  We took the html website originally designed years ago and migrated the content into a clean WP installation.

WordPress design features:
  • Mobile friendly theme (Real Property)
  • Image slider (Revolution)
  • Real estate property search widget
  • Integrated Google Map
  • Links to social media
  • Responsive navigation
  • Responsive form (Jotform)
  • On-page SEO (Yoast)
Most modern WP themes now have the ability to inject custom CSS (goodbye PHP code hacks). I like to use Chrome's built-in "inspect element" to reverse engineer the styles.  This allows me to preview CSS overrides in real-time.  Then it's a simple copy/paste/save to apply the site-wide theme changes.
Pinnacle Homes website

Patrick LaJuett
Patrick LaJuett manages a website design agency: +, where he supports clients as a Web technology consultant and search marketing strategy adviser.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Take Advantage of Free Web 2.0 Sites is the free local business directory that anyone can edit.
Here are a few general principles that apply:
  • It’s free to use to find businesses
  • It’s free to list any business in
  • It’s free to update your business listing in
  • Anyone can add a business, anyone can review a business, and anyone can update a business listing
  • Business owners can claim their business listing to take greater control over it
You don’t need to be registered to use, but registration gives you certain benefits – mainly, faster updates and the ability to claim and promote your business listing.

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