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Business Card Design Techniques

How to design your company's business cards Digital marketing is replacing traditional print advertising for many companies.  However, a professionally designed and printed business card is still a great way to show off your biz.  To "plant seeds" with potential customers and guide them to your website for more information. Here are some tips to help you on your way: It's important to use elements consistent with company branding.  Logos are a great starting point.  I like to use shapes or angles from the logo and incorporate into the card's background.  Be sure to include all relevant contact info including your website address.  Readability is important, so don't go too small with lettering. Dawn of the Digital Press A digital press enables printers to offer "small run" print jobs.  Because of this, set-up time and costs are less. This allows for experimentation, more color and diversity in your card layouts. Business Card Option

NY Biz List — Spend Locally. Save Jobs.

Help support locally run companies throughout New York State. We recognize that small businesses are the lifeblood of the NYS economy. Keeping money in our neighborhoods by shopping locally will help ensure a thriving small business community. We accept directory listings for legitimate small businesses in New York State. Are you a small business owner? Submit your request for a free directory listing. All NY Biz List directory submissions are human-reviewed for accuracy. Please wait 5-7 days for valid small business listings to appear in our directory . Do you know a small business that would benefit from a listing on our Website? If so, suggest a site, and we'll do our best to add an accurate company listing. Visit Website: