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SEO Project Walk Through

National search marketing campaign initiated for New York State based business, Hunting and Shooting Related Consultants, LLC . Let's Take a Walk The Analysis Website architecture audit Keyword research Local listing inventory The Good Client has an existing html website and a WordPress blog Site is aesthetically pleasing and well coded Client reputation is well known internationally The Bad The underlying search engine optimization is lacking National web search yields low ranking for related keyword phrases A couple of blog posts exist, but nothing substantive The Fixes Added Google Analytics code Modified page titles and descriptions Generated XML sitemap Submitted to Webmaster Tools Created a new G+ page Directory submission The Next Steps Establish an authorship schedule for relevant blog posts relating to hunting and shooting safety, accidents and incident investigation Attract quality incoming links from national publications and

Search Optimized Filenames: Dashes Versus Underscores

I've had many discussions with clients regarding the use of dashes versus underscores as word separators. For example: "web_design_company.htm" VS. "web-design-company.htm".  The question is whether or not the search engines interpret them the same way.  As it turns out, dashes may be the best way to go, at least from an SEO perspective. Stumbled upon a relevant post from Google's Matt Cutts, here's his take on it: