Monthly & Weekly SEO Task Checklist

Doing a bit of searching this morning, and was quite surprised to not find a succinct weekly SEO checklist.  So I decided to take a few minutes to outline my approach.  Hope it helps!

Monthly SEO Tasks 2019

Industry, competition, target audience, target keywords.
Tools: Google, Answer the Public, Word Tracker, Ubersuggest, Excel.

Website Maintenance:
Create backups, check for broken links, fix spelling errors.
Tools: Plesk, Expression Web

Weekly SEO Tasks 2019

Monitor Performance:
Traffic analysis, CTR, keywords, sources, devices, demographics, funnels.
Tools: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Data Studio by Google

Website Audits:
Check for valid HTML structure, URLs, metatags, mobile friendliness.
Tools: Screaming Frog, Google Search Console, Varvy, Siteliner, Think with Google

Create Content:
Create core site pages, write Blog posts
Tools: Blogger, Grammarly, Expression Web, Notepad, XML sitemap

Social Sharing:
Spread your company message.
Tools: Google Tag Manager, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google My Business

Do you have additional tasks as part of your routine? Let me know what I missed.


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