How to Build a Basic WordPress Website

12 steps to follow for a building a successful WordPress site.

  1. Set-up a basic Linux hosting plan on a secure server environment.
    • Bluehost, 1&1, GoDaddy, etc.
  2. Install the WordPress application (should be a 1-click install via host control panel)
  3. Purchase and install a WordPress theme
  4. Customize the WordPress configuration and settings
    • Upload your logo
    • Modify colors to match your brand
    • Set fonts and sizes
  5. Create or import content
    • Add pages
    • Author blog posts
    • Upload images
  6. Enhance user experience
    • Add desired menus (top, side, footer)
    • Add widgets
    • Connect with social media profiles
  7. Install plugins to extend WordPress functionality
  8. Test, tweak and test some more
  9. Launch
  10. Submit website URL to Google Search Console
    • Submit XML
    • Set preferred domain (www or non-www)
  11. Connect to Google Analytics
  12. Monitor and adjust
    • Keep everything up-to-date
Note: Obviously some of this is personal preference, but the overall process has worked well for me.

Lakeshore Riders WordPress website

Patrick LaJuett
Patrick LaJuett manages a website design agency: +, where he supports clients as a Web technology consultant and search marketing strategy adviser.


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