Manage Google Sites Permissions

One of the most powerful features of Google Sites is the ability to control user access.  For example, you can create a private site (hidden from the general public).  This private site can be accessed via a secure login as defined in the Sharing and Permissions settings.

The workflow we use when developing a new Google Sites website is to initially set permissions to "Private".  This way we can freely collaborate with stakeholders without concern of a random visitor stumbling upon the work-in-progress. We rough-in, then refine the site's content as a team.  When ready to launch, all we have to do is "flip the switch".

Here's a tech post on how to make your entire Google Sites visible to the public:

Note, permissions can also be set on a individual page basis.

Google Sites permissions - Ready for the world.

Patrick LaJuett
Patrick LaJuett operates a website design and marketing agency where he supports his clients as a Web technology consultant and search marketing strategy advisor.


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