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How to Organically Optimize Google Sites for Search

Here are the simple or baseline steps I take when performing SEO on a Google Sites website.  It is not a complete list of Google Sites SEO techniques, but the minimum that I recommend.  I hope you find it helpful:

1. Use keywords in Google Sites Name
(i.e., Jeep FC-150 | 1959 Forward Control)

2. Make sure Page Titles are unique
(i.e., Jeep FC-150 Specs)

3. Use keywords in Page Descriptions
(i.e., Collection of Willys forward control Jeep print ads...)

4. Create a custom footer with name of company
(i.e., Copyright 2013 My Jeep FC-150...)

5. Add a new Announcements page populated with interesting keyword rich posts*

6. Enable the auto-generated sitemap page in the links configuration

7. Register a domain with name of company, geographic identifier or service description

8. Map custom domain to Google Site

9. Submit sitemap.xml to Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Central

10. Install Google Analytics

11. Submit site to

12. Claim site at

13. Claim site at

14. If it's a local business website, submit address to local listings (GooglePlus, Bing and Yahoo Local).  GetListed is a great tool to manage and monitor local listings.

*Remember content is king, updating your announcements page with new relevant information will help drive traffic to your Google Sites.

Patrick LaJuett
Patrick LaJuett operates a website design and marketing agency where he supports his clients as a Web technology consultant and search marketing strategy advisor.


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