DotNetNuke 7.0.3

DotNetNuke version 7.0.3 now available

DNN 7.0.3 Major Highlights
  • Fixed issue that prevented non admins and non hosts to save HTML content as a template
  • Fixed potential endless loop when using the device redirection on a new site
  • Fixed UI issue where sub menus could go off screen
  • Fixed issue that stopped users from switching sites from the control bar
  • Fixed CSS issue for disabled menu items
  • Fixed issue with link in the Journal when a site is restored in a different server
  • Fixed issue that prevented pop ups from closing when a window would not use the default alias for JQuery
  • Fixed errors when registering or logging in using a Twitter account
  • Fixed issue that stopped users from updating the Max File Size value
  • Implemented functionality in the Admin > Advanced Configuration > Languages so that users are able to re install and upgrade language packs
  • Fixed error in the HTML Editor Image Manager that stopped users from navigating the complete folder structure
  • Improved performance of the File Explorer when looking for files from an HTML module
  • Fixed issue where more than one language pack was being shown for each language during installation
  • Fixed issue where notification emails were not being sent
  • Fixed issue where the wrong timezone would be set in the host user's profile
  • Fixed issue where email was not getting delivered when a user received a message from another user
  • Fixed issue that prevented users from renaming pages that include special characters
  • Enhanced the flow when downloading documents that can be opened in a browser (like xml)
  • Removed non FIPS compliant code from the Client Resource Management component
  • Fixed issue where the user was not able to download language packs from the host > languages section
  • Implemented functionality to send query strings when redirecting sites using the mobile redirection feature

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