Google+ Communities

OK, I couldn't resist.  I jumped on the early bandwagon and put together my first G+ Community page.

Check it out here:

So far I like it.  Although I do see a need for some usability enhancements.  Would love to be able to "pin" a post to the top of a category.  The ability to toggle post content visibility (under the titles) would be nice too.  Lots of vertical scrolling as the community post timeline grows.

I have yet to use the hangout feature, but will do so as the need arises.  I do believe this is a great feature, and will become more widely used as people begin to understand how it works.

People have asked me what Google+ is.  My simplified explanation is that it's like a hybrid social network.  A cross between Facebook, Twitter and email.

Here's the real question...will Facebook and Twitter loyalists give it a try?  With the number of Android based phones out there, my guess is yes. Why?  I would think it is inevitable that folks will stumble across the G+ icon on there smartphones.  Google needs to (and probably will) encourage companies to bake their G+ URLs into advertisements like they have been doing with Twitter and FB.  Speaking of which...vanity URLs for G+ Communities must be just around the corner.  Seems like a logical progression to me.

New Jeep FC Community on GooglePlus


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