Logo Design - Redux

   We redesigned the Beat Rockerz logo with a modernized treatment using CorelDraw X6. The updated logo is now includes: Vector based format Updated graphic elemets New font ( Mikodacs PCS ) Text gradients Drop-shadow High resolution output

Web site designed for South Lake Union Endodontics

Google Sites website designed for South Lake Union Endodontics in Seattle WA. Link to new website:  South Lake Union Endodontics Website created using free CMS solution from Google (Google Sites). Getting sweet on Google Sites.  Pardon the Valentine's Day reference...'tis the season The more we use GSites the more we like it.  Google Sites is a great alternative to the more prolific CMS platforms out there.  Definitely some design constraints, but for an affordable quick to market website, it's a worthy solution. Free SEO friendly Custom URLs Browser based editing Granular permissions Integration with Google Apps

DotNetNuke 7.0.3

DotNetNuke version 7.0.3 now available Download from CodePlex here: DNN 7.0.3 Major Highlights Fixed issue that prevented non admins and non hosts to save HTML content as a template Fixed potential endless loop when using the device redirection on a new site Fixed UI issue where sub menus could go off screen Fixed issue that stopped users from switching sites from the control bar Fixed CSS issue for disabled menu items Fixed issue with link in the Journal when a site is restored in a different server Fixed issue that prevented pop ups from closing when a window would not use the default alias for JQuery Fixed errors when registering or logging in using a Twitter account Fixed issue that stopped users from updating the Max File Size value Implemented functionality in the Admin > Advanced Configuration > Languages so that users are able to re install and upgrade language packs Fixed error in the HTML Editor I

1,100 Projects Completed

Some fun, some not...but all 1.1K are done! My project numbering system is fairly straight forward.  For every new job that comes through the door, increment by one and add a customer code (i.e., 1100_WEB).  This morning we reached a milestone.  Well its not a big deal, but I liked the number.  It gave me an excuse to paint graffiti on the side of the building.  Just kidding. Milestone reached: 1,100 projects completed. It took us 11 years, and we've been consistent.  Completing roughly 100 projects per year.  All varieties, shapes and sizes.  From signage design to complete e-commerce websites, it's been a wild ride. Meetings, phone calls, emails and texts.  1,100 projects down, and here's to the next!   Thanks to all of our customers who have trusted us with their web and marketing needs.

Google Plus Please Learn from My Mutes

Muting a Post on Google Plus is easy.  Don't like a post, no the mute button. But, What If Your Mute History "Taught" Google Plus About What You Don't Like... What I would love to see is the ability for Google Plus to learn from my previous mutes . Similar to how Pandora Radio works. The reader (in the case of G+) provides positive or negative feedback for posts in the stream, which are taken into account for future selections. Something like a " mute similar posts " button would be great. Mute Google Plus Posts Consistently... I almost always mute posts involving certain subjects. Especially when exploring the "What's hot and recommended" stream. Improved Google Plus Content... Content creators could also get a better feel for how unpopular certain subjects are, and based on number of mutes, adjust the subject matter or frequency of posts. Better Google Plus User Experience... I am still tr

Wishing You a Healthy and Prosperous 2013

My top Web design tools and innovations from year 2012. 2012 has certainly been an eventful year. Some good, some bad, and some outright ugly. Web design technology, internet marketing and social media have continued to evolve at a rapid pace. Staying current with the changing tide of SEO has been challenging. Reflecting back, I definitely saw my daily SEO routine change. I spent much more time doing "research". Keeping up on keeping kids always tease me about that one. I am thankful for the generosity of the web development community, especially the "knowledge sharers". Reading their tech blogs and forums sure made my life easier when racing to meet another crazy deadline. For those of you out there...thanks for caring and sharing! My 2012 list of most useful web technologies & innovations OK, yes...a lot of Google mentions. And I know some of these technologies were around in 2011. But I have leaned on them a bit more than in previous yea

Google Sites - A Viable Web CMS Platform

If you need to author, develop, and launch a website quickly, consider using Google Sites. I'm all about most small business owners I am always on the lookout for new tools to help improve productivity. My preferred method of Website development is either hand-coding HTML, or using a Web content management system such as DotNetNuke or Wordpress.  Customer requirements such as budget, time frame and functionality is the major "driver" on which path I choose to take. The Google Sites platform has become be a good option because it allows me to deploy rapid website development solutions for my cost conscious customers. Below, I will summarize the pro's and con's of using Google Sites.   What is Google Sites: Similar to other website builders such as Wix, Yola or Weebly...Google Sites is a free Website CMS hosted in the Google Apps cloud. Benefits of Google Sites: Cost - Google Sites (as of now) is a free service*. Speed - Rapid development