Friday, January 18, 2013

Google Plus Please Learn from My Mutes

Muting a Post on Google Plus is easy.  Don't like a post, no the mute button.

But, What If Your Mute History "Taught" Google Plus About What You Don't Like...

What I would love to see is the ability for Google Plus to learn from my previous mutes. Similar to how Pandora Radio works. The reader (in the case of G+) provides positive or negative feedback for posts in the stream, which are taken into account for future selections. Something like a "mute similar posts" button would be great.

Mute Google Plus Posts Consistently...

I almost always mute posts involving certain subjects. Especially when exploring the "What's hot and recommended" stream.

Improved Google Plus Content...

Content creators could also get a better feel for how unpopular certain subjects are, and based on number of mutes, adjust the subject matter or frequency of posts.

Better Google Plus User Experience...

I am still trying to better navigate the flowing waters of Google Plus streams.  Being able to personalize content based on my mute history would make for a much more efficient journey.  At least IMHO.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Animoto Video App Test

We're always testing out new web apps.  Today we tested the lite (free) version of Animoto.  Here's our take on it.

Lite Account Limits:
There is a limited library of pre-designed templates.  Most importantly, clip duration is limited to 30 seconds...which means you need to keep it brief.

Story Telling Features:
You can upload your photos and videos and add text "slides" to help tell your story.

Be Social:
Our favorite feature is the ability to auto publish on YouTube.  After that, export and download the MP4 file and upload to Facebook and Google+.

Our Test:
Here's what we came up with.  Not bad for less than an hour worth of effort.  Domo arigato Mr. Animoto...

Note: Video has soundtrack, turn down speakers.

The Verdict:
If you are looking for a free and simple way to create a video, give Animoto Lite a spin.

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